Kevin MacWhinnie

Couldn’t resist installing DOSBox on the Gemini

Quite impressed so far with the quality of the Gemini. Here it is running neovim in Termux, because why not

Was beginning to wonder if this was actually going to ship. Looking forward to trying a modern take on my favorite PDA form factor

Ohho, looks like my Gemini PDA has shipped. Very curious to see how it compares to PDAs back in the day

Slowly replaying Wario Land, a childhood favorite which is just as fun as I remember

It’s more a novelty than anything else, but there is a (sorta functional) Apple I emulator for the C64

Collection is half packed up for our cross country move. Hopefully I used enough bubble wrap for everything to make it in one piece 🤔

Stella is lucky to be a house cat. Yelling at your prey in the wild does not tend to get you dinner

Decided it was time to collect the titles of the games I like to play together into one place. A page feels decidedly less fragile than some over-sized sticky notes.

Photographed my collection for documentation purposes, and couldn’t resist getting a little artsy with my mobile stuff

Ahh, this music is so freakin’ catchy <…>

Finally got around to trying GEOS. It’s nuts that they got a pretty decently usable desktop environment working on such limited hardware

An unusually warm Saturday makes for one happy cat

Picked up a toolbox for the assorted stuff I have for working on retro hardware. Feels a bit like leveling up

Got CP/M loaded up on the C128, and my goodness it is slow in 40 column mode!

I suppose it’s not the most eco-friendly, but I really like having a printed copy of the documentation for my retro stuff. It makes it all feel that much more personal

Finally get to try out one of the stranger bits of Windows 9x software I’ve long been interested in: Executor. It works surprisingly well, the included Lemmings demo runs nearly full speed

Took some futzing, but Windows 95 is now running correctly with all required drivers on the Libretto 50ct. I am still kind of in awe of the fact that a company made a full computer this compact in the 90s

Installing Windows 95 for what must be the first time since, gees, middle school maybe? Very nostalgic. And fairly zippy with a solid state hard disk

Today I learned there’s an honest to goodness C64 Canabalt port!