Kevin MacWhinnie

I suppose it’s not the most eco-friendly, but I really like having a printed copy of the documentation for my retro stuff. It makes it all feel that much more personal

Finally get to try out one of the stranger bits of Windows 9x software I’ve long been interested in: Executor. It works surprisingly well, the included Lemmings demo runs nearly full speed

Took some futzing, but Windows 95 is now running correctly with all required drivers on the Libretto 50ct. I am still kind of in awe of the fact that a company made a full computer this compact in the 90s

Installing Windows 95 for what must be the first time since, gees, middle school maybe? Very nostalgic. And fairly zippy with a solid state hard disk

Today I learned there’s an honest to goodness C64 Canabalt port!

A upcoming long distance move is a good opportunity to rehome some of my extra systems

an endless horizon

Ideal setup achieved:

  • Commodore 128
  • SD2IEC
  • WiModem64

Now I can play all the games, and visit all the BBSes

Huzzah, after putting a solid state hard drive in, the Libretto has jumped back to life. Now I need to figure out how to fashion a drive bay cover

A Toshiba Libretto 50CT. It currently does not POST, but it does boot into the bios recovery screen. I’ve read that these machines require a hard disk to POST, so I guess we’ll see when one arrives in the mail tomorrow

the start of a new project perhaps

heyooo, I am online with my C64

I still think this must be one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the ‘net <…>

Acquired an AGS-101 model Game Boy Advance SP. It’s shocking how much better the screen is. I wonder how the battery life will compare 🤔

The C128 system guide I ordered arrived today! It seems the original owner never sent in for their Commodore magazines

“If I fits, I sits”

Debating whether or not to buy / make a serial cable for my Z88. It has a DB-9 port, but the pin out is proprietary 🙄. Might be nice to have a portable word processor without internet…

Acquired a WiModem64 for my C128. Wasn’t expecting it to be this small, it’s the size of about two Apple Watches. Now I just need to wait for my SD2IEC to arrive from Eastern Europe, and I’ll be online. Sadly there are no terminal programs that run off tape!

it seems the cats do not appreciate me noodling with the SID chip in my C128. they abstained from eating dinner until I finished

oh no, the counter on my datasette seems to have started jamming! can’t say I am surprised though, I haven’t done any maintenance on it since I got it, and I am pretty sure it was stored in a barn before I picked it up at auction