Kevin MacWhinnie

It’s amazing how different an experience gaming on a CRT monitor. It feels so much more nostalgic – like what it felt like to play video games growing up


My Commodore setup is complete: it now has an authentic (1802) monitor. The picture is amazing, and best of all: no input lag!

Welp. I think the 1040STF tops the metal TI 99/4a for my personal record of least serviceable machine. I couldn’t get the RF shield off the main board

Great. The Atari ST’s monochrome output is compatible with the TV’s VGA input. No upscaler required for basic operation. Need to find a mouse though, a joystick barely moves the cursor 1096F393-FD48-49E5-A5DC-3BD1140D2044.jpg

Hello, Atari ST. You’re going to be an adventure E3C8A4E4-EAF5-4166-9E92-F85EE7155753.jpg

After a relative searched through their old disks, a Discman driver has been found! If anyone happens to need a Mac driver for their Sony Discman, drop me a line 😆 65AD25DA-32B5-48C0-B2F5-7B5FFBD84CFA.jpg

I am rather sad that Adventure Time is over

Does a machine with modern networking, but a dead architecture count as retro in any sense yet? 🤔 03B62828-3B2B-4E64-9EFD-D9698655C4C5.jpg

Friday night? Time for some old school AppleTalk networking 8DB67B6D-3796-4B2E-9959-0CA164E23BCB.jpg

Stella sure likes to nap on my 8 bit micros 9A258DD0-F943-483B-B50D-ABE99305B99E.jpg

Got a replacement power cord for the VCR, so I was finally able to check that my 8 bit machines survived the move. They did! But my cheapo modern joystick did not… 077B4250-023E-4616-B9BC-67B8CB27D510.jpg B206959D-83A9-408D-895D-EEA3DCA67352.jpg

My goodness the Surface Go is adorable. It’s probably the smallest size that a full computer can be

I am super pleased to have a complete vintage PowerBook set up. This 2400c came with an Ethernet card, portable(!) SCSI CD-ROM, external floppy drive, 2 spare batteries, and assorted cables 824BFF75-699A-48C6-A8BD-1D20E9ED2C42.jpg 1F9AE693-D7FC-408D-947E-625EA6674882.jpg

I have never seen rubber feet perish so thoroughly before. They are the consistency of caramel 019615E6-BB82-4C46-80A8-7F90CFA9B926.jpg

Just need to figure out where on earth the VCR’s power cord went. Can’t use the wedges otherwise!

Good news: it looks like all but one of my antique computers survived moving coast to coast. Not sure that it’s really worth trying to replace the Z88 given how little software there is for it

Ahhh, too much packing! Everything is boxes.

I’m relieved to find out that the Gemini can be charged with an inexpensive USB (C) 3.1 cable. I vaguely remembered reading online that it needed a special cable, and the last USB-C cable I tried did not work. I’m not at all a fan of USB-C. It’s such a crapshoot what cable works with what device 😑

Got VICE going on the Gemini to hold me over while my C128 is packed up. Surprisingly playable, though the keyboard is just a bit too large for comfortable game play

When your apartment is filled with boxes, it’s difficult to find the motivation to tidy up

So sad. The C128 is all packed up for our cross country move. It’ll probably be a month before I can do 8 bit computing again

Here we go, got a VIC-20 mother board. Just need to find a broken donor machine I can harvest a keyboard and case from, and I’ll have a working system!


Couldn’t resist installing DOSBox on the Gemini