Kevin MacWhinnie

It’s amusing how badly out of date browsers fare with the modern web. I am amazed my DS Lite can still get online at all

Cost of having the C128 System Guide printed and bound from a PDF: ~$60.

Cost of buying an original used copy: $4.99.

Well that’s a no brainer.

The C128 seems to be working fine with the new fuse, so I put the RF shield/heatsink back on. Now I need to figure out how to repair the junked up F5 key, and the plastic on the power supply which was damaged during shipping

I did not realize how yellowed my datasette is until I put it next to the C128. I might have to do something about this 🤔

Plot twist: after replacing the fuse in the power supply, my C128 powers on. Used it for an hour without any weirdness, fingers crossed I don’t need to do any fixing for now

The video cable for my Commodore 128 arrived today and… there’s no video output. Turns out the fuse in the power supply is blown. Guess I’ll have to replace that and see where I am at after

The forces ridiculousness have caused me to install Windows 3.0a on my HP 100LX

Now that my last project is done, time for something new! My Commodore 128 arrived today. It seems to be in decent shape overall, but no video over the RF modulator. Guess we’ll see what we get with a composite connection when the cable arrives…

and so, my TI 99/4a repair saga comes to a close for now. I’ve installed a new old stock replacement keyboard, and I can finally use Basic! The new keyboard was too big, so I had to remove some of the shielding. Hopefully I don’t need it…

Yesss, after trying for 3 months, I was able to purchase a Commodore 128 for an almost reasonable price

Taking apart a compact Mac is vaguely terrifying

while decidedly not authentic, or even good looking, relabeling the top keys on my TI 99/4a at least makes it so that programs telling me to press back or redo makes sense

Quite pleased with my new acquisition, a Cambridge Computers Z88. It fits 3 criteria I’ve been looking for: 1) it has a Z80 processor; 2) it’s British – it has BBC Basic; 3) it’s an early “laptop.” On top of that, I got it for a good price. Now to take some silly meeting notes!

you know karaoke night has been a success when you’re hoarse the morning after…

it looks like it’s time to admit it’s beyond my skills to repair my second TI 99/4a micro. each attempt has made its problems worse 😬

ooh, Alto’s Odyssy is out

being in downtown/soma in SF during a bank holiday feels a bit like going back in time to before all of the new buildings were finished and opened for use

amused by this quaint little harbor scene having a huge power plant in the background

got an Atari joystick adapter for my TI-99/4a. really enjoying the games on this platform – they’re just the right level of primitive