Kevin MacWhinnie

Quite pleased with my new acquisition, a Cambridge Computers Z88. It fits 3 criteria I’ve been looking for: 1) it has a Z80 processor; 2) it’s British – it has BBC Basic; 3) it’s an early “laptop.” On top of that, I got it for a good price. Now to take some silly meeting notes!

you know karaoke night has been a success when you’re hoarse the morning after…

it looks like it’s time to admit it’s beyond my skills to repair my second TI 99/4a micro. each attempt has made its problems worse 😬

ooh, Alto’s Odyssy is out

being in downtown/soma in SF during a bank holiday feels a bit like going back in time to before all of the new buildings were finished and opened for use

amused by this quaint little harbor scene having a huge power plant in the background

got an Atari joystick adapter for my TI-99/4a. really enjoying the games on this platform – they’re just the right level of primitive

maxed out my titanium PowerBook G4’s ram at 1GB! while I already had more than enough memory for retro Mac OS games – 768MB – this should hopefully make Leopard run Not Like Total Crap

played a bit with light/dark contrast while at the park Sunday

omg this face

ahh I can’t wait for the joystick adapter for my TI-99/4a to arrive. I can’t imagine what possessed Texas Instruments to not use the “standard” Atari connector

at the prompting of a friend, I found a shell program for my SE/30

it seems that spring has started

my first experience with using a modern flash memory adapter on a retro device – the FlashRom 99 for the TI-99/4a. it’s quite an upgrade from loading programs from tape! it seems I need to clean the cartridge port on my micro though 🤔

somebody does not like their topical flea prevention medication…

why would you even try??

Picked up a pair of TI-99/4A. There’s just something about that wedge form factor – I would say it’s overdue for a comeback!

less esoteric, but more novel. running vim on the last PowerBook capable of booting Classic Mac OS

a hot winter night

in this alien city…

how do I get home?