tall corn under a blue sky with wispy clouds

Went to an air show for the first time yesterday, my inner child is still smiling

That’s two nights in a row I didn’t get my phone on the Qi charging pad enough for it to work 😑

Whoops, I think I left my zx spectrum powered on for the last month…

It was surprisingly emotional to go to Fenway for a game after the bleak mess of 2020. It had been a long time since I’d done something outside home purely for fun

baseball diamond with oriels at bat against red sox

Every time our kid shows me something on his phone from the other side of the room, and I can’t see it, I feel old as dirt 👴

Yowza. Accidentally played a network multiplayer game on 5G and my phone is uncomfortably warm

It is quite trippy to use Windows on an iPad via Shadow. So far, it’s quite a good experience

ipad pro in magic keyboard case

It’s fun how much the iPhone mini feels like a throwback to the iPhone 5, my favorite generation

Yesss back to buying locally roasted coffee

Finally got around to installing Mini vMac onto my iPad Pro. It defaults to 1x speed which feels like molasses on such a powerful device

ipad pro in magic keyboard case

Gosh it is unsettling to get thick wildfire smoke in New England 😐

Trying out some new sleep habits – no screens at all before bed. It was very weird to wake up feeling refreshed at 5am today!

My pinebook pro stopped showing software updates for Manjaro Sway edition. Looks like the solution was to refresh the mirrors with sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Making real boot disks for the Apple //c feels like falling in a time warp 💾

Got a SCART to HDMI adapter, now I just need to figure out how to use the extra features of the ZX Spectrum Omni to start loading programs 😅

zx spectrum omni connected to small monitor

Looking forward to messing with this once my display adapter arrives

ZX Spectrum Omni

“You gonna gimme some of that Swiss chard?”

We have been slowly thrifting a complete set of Corning ware for my brother in the pattern he likes, and I think this latest batch was buried underground based on how much dirt and grime came off when I washed it 🤢

Happy to report I was able to do some writing on my Mac Plus running System 6 without it crashing 😆

First time mowing the lawn in a decade or so. Can’t say it’s a chore I missed 😅

Phone cameras seem to have a hard time focusing on our black cat, but occasionally I can snap a good photo of her when she’s having her after work lap time

Attempted to do some casual writing on Mac OS 9, and it crashed after a page. Guess it’s back to System 6 I go 😆

Forgot to turn the heat back on after a warm spring day yesterday and the house is so cold this morning! 🥶

Our older cat has started to enjoy lap time in old age. A bit unexpected after a lifetime of not being cuddly

grey tomcat napping on leg