Gosh it is unsettling to get thick wildfire smoke in New England 😐

Trying out some new sleep habits – no screens at all before bed. It was very weird to wake up feeling refreshed at 5am today!

My pinebook pro stopped showing software updates for Manjaro Sway edition. Looks like the solution was to refresh the mirrors with sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Making real boot disks for the Apple //c feels like falling in a time warp 💾

Got a SCART to HDMI adapter, now I just need to figure out how to use the extra features of the ZX Spectrum Omni to start loading programs 😅

zx spectrum omni connected to small monitor

Looking forward to messing with this once my display adapter arrives

ZX Spectrum Omni

“You gonna gimme some of that Swiss chard?”

We have been slowly thrifting a complete set of Corning ware for my brother in the pattern he likes, and I think this latest batch was buried underground based on how much dirt and grime came off when I washed it 🤢

Happy to report I was able to do some writing on my Mac Plus running System 6 without it crashing 😆

First time mowing the lawn in a decade or so. Can’t say it’s a chore I missed 😅

Phone cameras seem to have a hard time focusing on our black cat, but occasionally I can snap a good photo of her when she’s having her after work lap time

Attempted to do some casual writing on Mac OS 9, and it crashed after a page. Guess it’s back to System 6 I go 😆

Forgot to turn the heat back on after a warm spring day yesterday and the house is so cold this morning! 🥶

Our older cat has started to enjoy lap time in old age. A bit unexpected after a lifetime of not being cuddly

grey tomcat napping on leg

First time using Gnome in who knows how long, and uh wow it got weird

Feels like it’s time to spend some time with my 8 bit machines after spending a year with my Macs. Started with the Vic 20 tonight and wasted 30 minutes on Spaceship Minus One. Easily one of my favorite games

It smells like the ocean outside the house tonight 🌊❤️

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but it seems wild to me to have red flag warnings in New England in late winter/early spring

When getting the coffee maker ready to brew a cup, I put a filter in, scoop coffee, and add water completely by muscle memory. Occasionally I’ll accidentally do the steps out of order, and then have a moment where it’s like my brain is hanging figuring out what to do next 🤦‍♂️

Went to considerable effort to get the SetDate control panel onto my Mac Plus to be able to set the year to 2021 … and it doesn’t work. Ah well 😑

Happy day: my router has decided to play nice with my last gen PowerBook G4 running Tiger

Trying to stay positive during a particularly challenging week. So thankful to have easy access to seaside sunsets again, a little natural beauty goes a long way

sunset through bushes without leaves

It must be so nice to be a cat wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold winter morning

grey tabby cat wrapped in orange blanket

It’s fun to revisit Widget Workshop as an adult. I think this game is what laid the foundation for me being a software developer

Happy to have a titanium PowerBook G4 again. This is easily my favorite laptop industrial design ever