Kevin MacWhinnie

There is just something so pleasant about the VIC-20. The primitive graphics and sound make using it feel very intimate in a way that modern technology can’t match.

I really missed living somewhere with four seasons. It just makes everything feel more dynamic ACA1DABD-EA72-42AA-8DB1-D14FECB9754C.jpg

Got the WiModem working with the VIC-20. This is probably the oldest computer I’ve gotten online with to date. At least VICTERM emulates a 40 column display! 08D42A3D-9889-4AEF-A4AB-41C7FDA0CF9E.jpg

Cheese and Onion is both technically impressive for a VIC-20 game, and a lot of fun. Really enjoying the penultimate+ cartridge so far AD657619-39BE-47E7-B773-21F220721D73.jpg

Super excited to try out the Penultimate+ cartridge with the VIC-20! EEAF5B1E-1CE2-49B7-A0D4-5CAE7A9DFEFF.jpg

Oh wow. The new iPad Pro really does feel like a device from the future

Put some replacement feet on the VIC-20. It feels like this project is now complete! Can’t wait for my Penultimate+ cartride to arrive 😃 8AFA59CB-8205-49DC-89FA-AF70371A11B7.jpg

This is probably more window dressing than anything else, but I added heat sinks to the VIC-20’s hotter running chips. Still, 🤞🏽 it helps prolong the life of its expensive and hard to source components

I also discovered the source of the video not working when I first plugged in this (the original) main board: one of the potentiometers for adjusting the video signal is broken. If you turn the machine upside-down, it causes it to lose contact with the main board and throws everything out of wack. A shake fixes it, but I’ll have to figure out a long term fix there CB62C551-67E4-4F9E-97AB-A537318B910B.jpg

I’ve set out to write a simple blackjack game in Basic with the goal of it running on the unexpanded VIC-20 eventually. I’m cheating a bit and writing it on the C128 – its coding environment is massively improved over the VIC-20 and C64. We’ll see how this goes…

Picked up a dead test cartridge. The C128 has been acting a little odd lately, figured it’d be good to test that its parts are doing ok AA941E80-01C8-46CE-92F6-B6746D59E435.jpg

There is nothing quite as satisfying as shredding documents

I think the VIC-20’s case came out well. I was able to scrub off most of the marker and paint. I wouldn’t say it’s like new, but I’m quite pleased with where it’s at 48F61811-5ABB-4A3A-8839-5FB2697530F5.jpg F6250D7E-2ADE-4FA1-8892-883CC74A0FB0.jpg

I hit a bit of a snag in my plan. The “known good” VIC-20 main board I had turned out to be not so good. When I plugged it in to test it, the video output was garbled! Fortunately, the original main board turned out to be ok. Just had to adjust the potentiometers controlling the video signal 1E81195F-27D4-4A98-9659-C07BB06EAC39.jpg A204BA44-0975-49AC-BECA-102941D315DC.jpg

The keys dried nicely over night, I was able to put them all back on this afternoon. I’m quite pleased with the result, they feel clean to the touch. I didn’t realize what a horrible sound the caps make when being reattached though, it sounds just like they’re snapping! B230B66C-4908-42E7-B31D-A4F0F9002909.jpg 0502078C-46D0-44E1-B186-4E1DF55D5D23.jpg 64D47BE1-01DE-4947-8B42-44BA2130B28E.jpg

Although I got this VIC-20 with the intention of putting my working main board in it, it seems there are signs of life in the one it came with. Might be worth attempting to fix 🤔 EE70A9EF-7AF7-4BD0-966E-BC4DE89CAB6C.jpg

Case is looking much better after a scrub with soapy water. This must have been a kid’s computer in its previous life. Need to get more cleaning supplies, and I’m hoping I can get this in like new condition again 30A39A57-CE0B-4527-B835-0694318794B7.jpg 1CCDD3E1-76A5-48E8-AD22-A51F1E81C6D8.jpg

Washing the key caps in soapy water was extremely satisfying, the keys make the same noise as LEGO bricks. They’re now out to dry overnight CFC565E0-4FA4-4A73-813A-DCD70BBA1EFE.jpg C0A255D2-44DC-4089-BE13-ECD656AB865A.jpg AF80C385-2C8B-4CCC-BEF8-A80546F6F12D.jpg

I am cheating a bit. I couldn’t figure out how to get the space bar off with the key cap removal tool, so I’ll just clean it where it is

Never realized how much effort it takes to get all the caps off of a keyboard. This is the first time I’m going to try individually cleaning key caps instead of doing a surface cleaning with the board fully assembled 436CCF1C-3300-4E3D-A8BD-6E8FCDA459DB.jpg

Inching ever closer to having a working VIC-20 system 63B806B9-A890-479D-B442-79DE0F31404B.jpg

Ahhh, the grocery store was so busy this morning. I guess the thanksgiving rush has started

Tried out some new C64 games. Really digging Krakout and Uridium! 39E4274A-E440-4A12-BC6F-D4BA5875A33E.jpg 29C57842-16E3-41B1-9B5E-713462C249FF.jpg

New power supply arrived for my Commodore machines today. I was finally able to try out the Vic 20 motherboard I got a few months back – it works! Still need to get a keyboard and case for it heh F936F25B-8DC1-49F9-BF91-22D016F59A14.jpg E29AD1F1-0E84-4DBB-8C27-7AECAA23A865.jpg

Got a set of drawers and tidied up my retro corner. Still a work in progress, but most of my collection is now in one easy to access place. Thinking I need some theme appropriate stuff on the walls next 🤔 F1BE05B9-C580-4617-8854-4A13A3944ABB.jpg 3A5D24F7-A4C3-4ABA-9F00-F8CE25077441.jpg A3CD67C4-C9EA-421A-A277-BB9868F02036.jpg 1973773A-F1E1-403E-99A9-DBCEE67EC40C.jpg

Decidedly not the most aesthetically pleasing mod, but now I don’t have to deal with flaky double density floppies to use the ST FC52E9D7-8C05-47E7-96C4-7B59B1168D47.jpg 2520C6DC-15CC-4F50-AEF8-A7A7372B80DE.jpg