Ooh there’s a big upgrade available for Pixaki. It looks like they’ve fixed basically all the pain points in the app

A sign of getting older: the effects of a bad night’s sleep linger for multiple days 😑

Using MacPaint is very strange. It’s largely the same as modern raster editors, but all the small details are different. For instance, cmd+s does not save, but makes text “shadow” style

This weekend’s project: setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W to act as a bridge to the modern internet for my retro computers. Ended up being more involved than I expected, the telnetd that Debian ships is incompatible with the WiModem232. Busybox’s telnetd was the solution

With the help of a ton of dongles, I’ve connected my HP 100LX to my WiModem232. I did not expect it to be so slow when my Mac Plus handles terminal emulation like a champ

Got the sequel to my favorite MS-DOS handheld. Really surprised how featureful Windows CE 1.0 is, this would’ve been a big upgrade back in the day

What a wonderfully 90s box

Added a sitting area to our bedroom this weekend so that the husband and I can more easily have time apart while we’re trapped in the house during pandemic times

Yesss. Finally found a reasonably priced serial cable for my HP 100LX. Can’t wait to be able to use it as a terminal emulator

Best part of an Apple Silicon laptop has to be how slowly the battery drains while it sleeps

The quality of modern C64 games really blows me away

I’m glad this isn’t actually true

tool tip for Partition button in big sur disk utility that says disks with master boot record partition maps can't be partitioned

Ordered a new battery and solid state drive for my touch wheel iPod. Should be a fun little project to do in the new year

Sad times – my last gen PowerBook G4 cannot connect to our new WiFi router. No support for WPA 2 😕

Did a bit of finagling and got iSH on my Apple Silicon Mac. Since this is a shared machine, it’s handy to have a fully self-contained Linux VM even if it’s a bit silly to get that by simulating an iPad

Enya’s music is a really good vibe right now while it feels like the pandemic is spinning out of control again. Calm and steady.

On the off chance anyone else is running Manjaro Sway edition on their pinebook pro, and they’re getting a conflict on xdg-desktop-portal when trying to do a system update, you want to choose xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

Pleased to have been able to get the bottom case properly back on my pinebook pro. It turns out you need to flex it ever so slightly for it to slot in place how it came from the factory

Ha. It turns out I’ve had a piece of plastic film on my pinebook pro’s trackpad all this time. Here I just thought it felt terrible 😬

Excited to be able to paint walls for the first time ever. Changing this room that will be my home office from Barbie pink to a very light yellow

Set up my Mac Plus in a temporary spot while finishing moving house. I feel like this is similar to the crazy set ups back in the day when computers were just becoming mainstream and people didn’t have a proper desk yet

Because the Floppy Emu needs to be firmware flashed when switching between a Mac and an Apple II, I’m debating if I should get a SCSI2SD or a second Floppy Emu to have permanently installed in my vintage Mac set up

Neovim on an iPhone. Sure why not

After some prodding, the PowerBook G3 pismo I had in high school is (mostly) working. It needed a new hard drive, the memory module seems to be real flaky, and there’s no sound for some reason. Still, it’s the last working childhood machine I have

The PowerBook G3 Pismo has such bizarre design language