I have been trying to listen to more terrestrial radio to reconnect with the world outside tech and I’ve been having a hard time finding a local Spanish station that plays music I like. I found one today but it’s AM 😑

Each time my husband is under the weather, my respect for single parents deepens. I don’t know how they manage to keep a family running while working full time

TFW you accidentally start the day with peppermint herbal tea with milk instead of black tea…

For the last couple of years, the cover to our dishwasher’s soap dispenser has had a hair-trigger open button. Now it has developed the opposite problem – you have to really mash it to get the cover to open 🤪

It is unseasonably warm this weekend so I nipped out to the woods. Feels a bit incongruous for it to be 50°F while everything is asleep for the season

Haha wut AmigaOS 3.1 feels out of place on an A1000 but it totally works with the Parceiro

Parceiro came in the mail today. Slotted it in to the A1000 and it booted right up to the SD card, just like magic

Super excited to have a Parceiro 2 on the way for my Amiga 1000

Some things are worth waiting for. Introducing the Parceiro 2. The perfect companion for your Amiga; packed with the capabilities you couldn't afford when you first owned an Amiga. AUTOBOOT SD Card Reader; 8MB AUTOCONFIG Fast RAM; Battery-backed Realtime Clock; 3 Banks of User-Flashable Kickstart-in-ROM*; Pre-Configured SD Card ready to run Kickstart 1.3, 2.1, and/or 3.x**. Unlock the power of the Amiga 1000 with the Parceiro 2. $225 + Shipping & Handling. For more information e-mail, Amiga dot Parceiro at outlook dot com. *Kickstart-in-ROM option requires changing out two Programmable Array Logic chips. **Requires a licensed copy of the Kickstart and or AmigaOS media.

It is rather fun to sit and scan through terrestrial radio stations the old fashioned way with a dial

As much as I like using vintage joysticks, they just wreck my hands. Zoom! is super fun though

Installing the driver for my Epson scanner on Ubuntu felt so sketchy. They bounce you through 3 websites before you get to the download wherein you get a tarball with an install script in it… It worked, at least

We have finally crossed the bridge from fostering our son, to adopting our son. The immense feeling of joy and relief is beyond words 👨‍👨‍👦

Finger tip eczema is back, must be nearly winter

woods covered in dusting of snow

Installed a DF0/DF1 switch in my Amiga 1000 so that I don’t have to depend on its cranky barely working floppy anymore. It is an extremely tight fit, but this switch from AmigaKit fits next to the WCS daughter board

After weeks of procrastinating, I’m back at inbox zero in my personal account 🔥

I got stands today to display these colorful stained glass plates made by a local artist. The only problem is the stands are slightly too large for the smaller plates and only stay up with shims 😑

I find it a bit disconcerting how warm high speed USB storage devices get

We’ve been giving thyroid medicine to one of our cats for a few months now. He expects it, and will wait to take his morning nap until we give it to him, but he runs away / clenches his jaw when we give the medicine to him. I guess you can both accept and reject an inevitability

The cats went and cried at my husband until he opened the curtains in our bedroom to let the morning light in 🤣

two cats laying in the morning sun

The A500 mini mouse is a little too close feeling to a vintage mouse. I keep trying to use it like a ball mouse by picking it up and leaning it to the side to move the cursor quickly. I didn’t even realize that was a habit I’d lost with optical mice

With a Lyra 3 and a couple of adapters, my Amiga 1000 has a working keyboard! And it only looks totally ridiculous in the process 🙃

Level one charging is…not fast

A reproduction Amiga mouse for my A1000? Sure, why not 😆

Mi favorita letra mal escuchada tiene que ser “te apareciste esta noche con un arroz en tu pelo”

Trying to diagnose a wired internet connection failure with a tethered connection is like pulling teeth 😑