Formatting floppy disks: Just as slow as I remembered 💾

My Amiga 1000 now boots with a single floppy thanks to kickwork 🔥

Headphones are never where you want them to be

Another 16GB of memory and bright orange screen bezel? Sure why not 🙃

An NEC FD1035 is an obnoxiously tricky floppy drive to lubricate. It doesn’t seem to be possible to remove either the top or the bottom, so you have to use an extra long q-tip from the sides, front, and back of the assembled unit

The relief of seeing water again in the local creek that’s been dry since August just put a smile on my face this morning

She boots!

amiga 1000 booted to workbench 1.3

Yeeesh using Linux as a virtualization host is not for the faint of heart

I know it’s not necessarily rare or unique but the signatures in the top cover of the Amiga 1000 feel special

I am bummed. The PS/2 keyboard adapter I got for my Amiga 1000 just causes it to get stuck in a reset loop when turned on. Back to the drawing board…

When you can smell the ghost of cream cheese past

black cat with its tongue out looking at camera

With baseball being a big part of my healing from a difficult childhood, it’s been really touching to watch Dennis Eckersley’s last broadcast with the Red Sox season closer this evening. Watching games next year will be very different

I got a DIY edition 2nd Gen Framework Laptop so that each member of my family can have their own machine. It is absolutely delightful to get a box of parts and a screw driver with a brand new computer 😊

Schlepped the Amiga 1000 cross country in a checked suitcase. Happy to see it made it without any damage, still in working order. Now I need to sort out boot disks and peripherals…

Ridiculously excited that a friend passed on an extra Amiga 1000 to me. Many hours of fun to come

My Spanish listening skills have improved a lot this past year, and occasionally shuffle will bring up a song I haven’t heard in a while, and it’s trippy to ‘suddenly’ be able to understand the lyrics without really trying so much

After a couple of years of being bilingual at home with my husband, I find it funny that I now have a specific accent for annoyedly accepting others’ plans in both English and Spanish

My older cat was in a bit of a mood this morning with my husband off on a business trip. Must be rough getting half your morning pets

Went to the store intending to buy a new fitted sheet for our bed, ended up with a flat sheet instead… Thank goodness it’s a long weekend 😅

Starting to poke around the Amiga platform for the first time. So far, it’s like an extra colorful version of my childhood computing experience

I am not sure if it’s some sort of placebo effect, but I’ve tried various Bluetooth headphones at this point, and they all seem to have the same slightly dead sound to them even when they support modern codecs

A small quality of life upgrade for my MiSTer set up: a power switch

I was very thankful to be able to go into my local office today for the first time in 2 years. Worries about catching COVID aside, I’m struggling on some level to understand people not being happy about going into the office again

Re-shell attempt number two went a bit better. I managed to install the screen hinges correctly, and the quality of the shell is quite a bit higher. Maybe still not OEM level, but at least now it doesn’t feel awful to hold and use!

Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 in blue translucent case

I haven’t used our photo printer in ~6 months, and in that time it seems to have spontaneously died? Super reasonable…