I am here, in this moment, in this place. Brought here, as I often am, by a reminder that all is of the nature of change. That all those I love, all that I care about, shall someday be dust, entropy.

My mind, my heart, so desperately wish to control, to stop time. As though holding the world in place would ease the suffering, cure the pain.

But it is impossible. I’m just temporary order amongst chaos. All order tends to disorder, and one day I will rejoin the chaos, unbound again.

There is nothing but suffering for those who resist the intrinsic nature of reality.

It is time, there is a choice. To stop resisting, to stop trying to control. To accept.

But still I remain, clinging to memory. Times of joy, times of pain. As though these memories could somehow salve my suffering. They cannot.

What was, was. It cannot be changed. What will be, will be. My influence is small, insignificant. Right now, the present, it is a gift. I must cherish it, live it.