Super excited to have a Parceiro 2 on the way for my Amiga 1000

Some things are worth waiting for. Introducing the Parceiro 2. The perfect companion for your Amiga; packed with the capabilities you couldn't afford when you first owned an Amiga. AUTOBOOT SD Card Reader; 8MB AUTOCONFIG Fast RAM; Battery-backed Realtime Clock; 3 Banks of User-Flashable Kickstart-in-ROM*; Pre-Configured SD Card ready to run Kickstart 1.3, 2.1, and/or 3.x**. Unlock the power of the Amiga 1000 with the Parceiro 2. $225 + Shipping & Handling. For more information e-mail, Amiga dot Parceiro at outlook dot com. *Kickstart-in-ROM option requires changing out two Programmable Array Logic chips. **Requires a licensed copy of the Kickstart and or AmigaOS media.