Did a bit of finagling and got iSH on my Apple Silicon Mac. Since this is a shared machine, it’s handy to have a fully self-contained Linux VM even if it’s a bit silly to get that by simulating an iPad

Enya’s music is a really good vibe right now while it feels like the pandemic is spinning out of control again. Calm and steady.

On the off chance anyone else is running Manjaro Sway edition on their pinebook pro, and they’re getting a conflict on xdg-desktop-portal when trying to do a system update, you want to choose xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

Pleased to have been able to get the bottom case properly back on my pinebook pro. It turns out you need to flex it ever so slightly for it to slot in place how it came from the factory

Ha. It turns out I’ve had a piece of plastic film on my pinebook pro’s trackpad all this time. Here I just thought it felt terrible 😬

Excited to be able to paint walls for the first time ever. Changing this room that will be my home office from Barbie pink to a very light yellow

Set up my Mac Plus in a temporary spot while finishing moving house. I feel like this is similar to the crazy set ups back in the day when computers were just becoming mainstream and people didn’t have a proper desk yet

Because the Floppy Emu needs to be firmware flashed when switching between a Mac and an Apple II, I’m debating if I should get a SCSI2SD or a second Floppy Emu to have permanently installed in my vintage Mac set up

Neovim on an iPhone. Sure why not

After some prodding, the PowerBook G3 pismo I had in high school is (mostly) working. It needed a new hard drive, the memory module seems to be real flaky, and there’s no sound for some reason. Still, it’s the last working childhood machine I have

The PowerBook G3 Pismo has such bizarre design language

It’s pretty crazy just how little is inside a pinebook pro

Manjaro on my pinebook pro up and crapped out at the start of the weekend. The most recent update + mainline uboot do not get along. Finally got everything back in working order by installing uboot bsp. Unfortunately I had to do a fresh install as well

It’s a small thing, but I really love Trader Joe’s hatch chile mac and cheese for lunch

I have really been enjoying the Mac version of Epyx Rogue this week. The mouse-centric game play is super nostalgic of the 68k Mac period

I really like the keyboard on the Pinebook Pro. It’s inexpensive, but the keys have a lot of travel and it’s just so satisfying to type on it. Reminds me a lot of typing on my Mac Plus

I am really digging Manjaro Linux, especially its package manager. So low fuss compared to the debian-derivatives I have used in the past

I’m impressed with the Pinebook Pro for how inexpensive it is. Happy to have a laptop I can tinker with

Huh. Surprisingly easy to install Mac OS 9 on an unsupported PPC Mac

Mac OS 9.2.2 on a 12 inch PowerBook G4

The performance delta between the first and last gen 12 inch PowerBook is pretty crazy. The last gen model is quite usable by current standards, the first gen is not at all

30+ years of debris including some sort of insect nest and signs of spilled soda. A little grossed out I’ve been typing on this 🤢

mac plus keyboard with top case removed

It’s so strange that the Mac Plus’s keyboard has an exposed IC underneath the space bar

cat sitting on top of mac plus

I really can’t get over how good Figma is. It must be one of the nicest web apps ever made

Well that’s a first. I had an extension cord stored in my toolbox, and I think it reacted with something else in there because when I took it out the extension cord was putting off a foul smell