The performance delta between the first and last gen 12 inch PowerBook is pretty crazy. The last gen model is quite usable by current standards, the first gen is not at all

30+ years of debris including some sort of insect nest and signs of spilled soda. A little grossed out I’ve been typing on this 🤢

mac plus keyboard with top case removed

It’s so strange that the Mac Plus’s keyboard has an exposed IC underneath the space bar

cat sitting on top of mac plus

I really can’t get over how good Figma is. It must be one of the nicest web apps ever made

Well that’s a first. I had an extension cord stored in my toolbox, and I think it reacted with something else in there because when I took it out the extension cord was putting off a foul smell

Disturbed to have gone to the park and seen almost no one wearing masks. Feels like we’ve run out of patience for being ‘inconvenienced’ by the pandemic

Writing on a compact Mac is just so pleasant. There are absolutely no distractions. No internet, no multitasking, not even inline spell checking. But you still get a nice rich text editor with a high quality keyboard.

So happy that the latest Pixaki update makes selections with the pencil not glitchy

I have been thoroughly enjoying Doc Cosmos for the C64 this week. It’s a platformer with an amazing soundtrack where you jump between timelines to solve challenges in search of an alien device

I finally pulled the trigger this weekend and deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I didn’t really use them, but with the latest revelations about Facebook it did not feel right to keep them

Found a copy of MousePaint that works with my particular Apple //c hardware. Very nostalgic feeling to make black and white pixel art

MousePaint with a low quality sketch of a man's face

Man, the original FireWire charger for the iPod is huge! It’s about the size of the power adapter for the 12 inch MacBook. One of the subtle ways that technology has advanced in the last two decades

If only social distancing prevented food poisoning 😑

Still have this “CD-ROM Discman” from when I was a kid. It’s both a SCSI drive and a portable CD player. It has way more features than I remembered! It does shuffle and two levels of bass

Sony CD-ROM Discman PRD-250 on battery sled

Oh no, my USB floppy drive has up and died 👻

Really wish there was a modern device like the HP 100LX. It runs on two AA batteries which last months with regular usage

The Teensyboy Pro is just about the coolest thing ever

USB-C on a PowerBook G4? Sure why not

Grabbed a bargain basement AlphaSmart Pro just for the heck of it. I was curious about these devices back in the day. Turns out this model has the worst keyboard I’ve ever used. The key caps sit over a membrane, and are super wobbly 🤢

AlphaSmart Pro with all key caps removed

Decided to re-shell my Game Boy Advance SP. Would not recommend. Mistakes were made, the old shell is in many pieces in the trash. But amazingly it still works!

Game Boy Advance SP in black factory caseGame Boy Advance SP with after market NES special edition case (turned on)

Turns out it’s super easy to connect to a modern computer on the local network with the WiModem64!

commodore vic-20 connected to a lenovo yoga c630 over telnet

Finally got around to doing a dead line repair on my original game boy. The fix seems to be slightly intermittent, but it’s much more playable now

original game boy with dead lines on screenoriginal game boy with no dead lines on screen

Upgraded my Commodore set up this week with a Pi1541 set up. I’m quite pleased with the increased software compatibility

raspberry pi with pi1541 option a cable

Working on Commodore keyboards is quite tedious. I had to de-solder a connection, and remove 18 screws to swap the key stems on my Plus/4