Got a set of drawers and tidied up my retro corner. Still a work in progress, but most of my collection is now in one easy to access place. Thinking I need some theme appropriate stuff on the walls next 🤔 F1BE05B9-C580-4617-8854-4A13A3944ABB.jpg 3A5D24F7-A4C3-4ABA-9F00-F8CE25077441.jpg A3CD67C4-C9EA-421A-A277-BB9868F02036.jpg 1973773A-F1E1-403E-99A9-DBCEE67EC40C.jpg

Decidedly not the most aesthetically pleasing mod, but now I don’t have to deal with flaky double density floppies to use the ST FC52E9D7-8C05-47E7-96C4-7B59B1168D47.jpg 2520C6DC-15CC-4F50-AEF8-A7A7372B80DE.jpg

Floppy extension cable arrived in the mail today, looks like I should be able to finish installing the gotek into my ST this weekend 4532A69F-E542-4B9F-8C04-6B959F563E58.jpg

Finally got around to trying out the flashfloppy hacked gotek I ordered for my ST. It works! However the pin header is mounted upside-down, which means I won’t be able to finish installing it until I get an extension cable 3A57264B-EFFF-4E7F-AF2C-25404FD1A429.jpg

I have 4 double density floppy disks. It seems that only two work reliably. One is questionable, and the last is completely broken. This will make getting software on the Atari ST challenging…

Now that I have a permanent setup for retro computing, I think I will cycle through my wedges so that I can get quality time with each. I’ve put the Commodore 128 away for now, let’s see what interesting software the Atari ST has F10CB24B-686A-4207-82E6-CAB6AF5792E9.jpg

Reopened the ST, and managed to get the RF shield off this time. Turns out you just need to slide the board out. I opened it thinking I’d remove the Tweety stereo mod since there was some nasty feedback on the audio out. Turns out the mod is glued to the board! I found the source of the feedback at least, the cable that taps into the sound chip was falling off. Everything else looks good, so I think I won’t have to take it apart again until the floppy drive needs service 04D3EDA4-B164-4289-84D0-7A0981C3972E.jpg

There’s something very cathartic about cleaning old hardware at the end of a work week E09292A0-4598-4BB8-8A39-2A94782EDBEA.jpg

Welp. I think the 1040STF tops the metal TI 99/4a for my personal record of least serviceable machine. I couldn’t get the RF shield off the main board

Great. The Atari ST’s monochrome output is compatible with the TV’s VGA input. No upscaler required for basic operation. Need to find a mouse though, a joystick barely moves the cursor 1096F393-FD48-49E5-A5DC-3BD1140D2044.jpg

Hello, Atari ST. You’re going to be an adventure E3C8A4E4-EAF5-4166-9E92-F85EE7155753.jpg