Got a set of drawers and tidied up my retro corner. Still a work in progress, but most of my collection is now in one easy to access place. Thinking I need some theme appropriate stuff on the walls next πŸ€” F1BE05B9-C580-4617-8854-4A13A3944ABB.jpg 3A5D24F7-A4C3-4ABA-9F00-F8CE25077441.jpg A3CD67C4-C9EA-421A-A277-BB9868F02036.jpg 1973773A-F1E1-403E-99A9-DBCEE67EC40C.jpg

The forces ridiculousness have caused me to install Windows 3.0a on my HP 100LX

My HP 95LX and HP 100LX after transferring my documents over IrDA. Getting the 100LX was a pretty big upgrade – unlike the 95LX, it’s PC/XT compatible!

life is but the pursuit of running vim on increasingly esoteric hardware