We were given an original Game Boy for Christmas. I did a quick restoration and clean up this morning. A new screen cover and a good scrub. I think it looks much better. Still to do: repair the damaged ribbon cable to the screen. 130F3F8F-B142-4EEE-B413-E2F30F7FE884.jpg 0A06579F-B639-4E22-B9B6-3F140A960D2A.jpg 33649CDF-A680-4170-BAAD-F1F7DE4689E9.jpg 8E1E9D2A-6ED5-447B-9D1C-CAC80E63C93D.jpg

Got a set of drawers and tidied up my retro corner. Still a work in progress, but most of my collection is now in one easy to access place. Thinking I need some theme appropriate stuff on the walls next 🤔 F1BE05B9-C580-4617-8854-4A13A3944ABB.jpg 3A5D24F7-A4C3-4ABA-9F00-F8CE25077441.jpg A3CD67C4-C9EA-421A-A277-BB9868F02036.jpg 1973773A-F1E1-403E-99A9-DBCEE67EC40C.jpg

Slowly replaying Wario Land, a childhood favorite which is just as fun as I remember

Acquired an AGS-101 model Game Boy Advance SP. It’s shocking how much better the screen is. I wonder how the battery life will compare 🤔

It’s amusing how badly out of date browsers fare with the modern web. I am amazed my DS Lite can still get online at all